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Botgate AI 101: Onboarding

New in Botgate AI? Onboarding is your first step in starting the Botgate AI journey.

Onboarding Steps

At Step 1, you will be needed to enter and select some basic information such as App Name, Picking the Widget Color, and Language. You can see the preview of the widget on the right side of the page.


You can select the color of the widget by clicking the brush on the Pick a color section. In this case, you can customize the widget by entering the HEX code for coloring.

At Step 2, you will be prompted to give account information such as the Website that is needed to be whitelisted to run the widget, Timezone, and a Conversation Template if you want to go live with a predefined AI Bot.


We have 3 predefined Conversation Templates:

  • Get more leads

  • Chat with your leads

  • Qualify your leads

You can select one of them to start your AI Bot immediately.

At Step 3, you will have final instructions to install the widget on your website.

Either you can place the code just before the closing </body> tag at every page on your website or you can enter your developers' email address for us to send the proper instructions.


Once you complete these steps, you can move on to the Dashboard.