How to Build Your First AI Bot?

Building an AI Bot is never been so easy. With our No-Code AI Bot Builder, design your AI Bot without any coding background.

To understand how you can create your first AI Bot, we will be building a Newsletter Subscription Bot together by explaining step by step. In Botgate AI, our Bots have been made of flows. This is why flows are the most important part of the building process. Let's take a look:

  1. First, click on the AI Bot Design icon on the left menu.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 16.23.36
  2. Flows section will be displayed. In the Flows section, you can see the list of your flows and add more flows. default.welcome flow is your Starting Point. Click on the Edit button on the Actions column for default.welcome flow. 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-12 at 16.38.13

  3. Let's edit the default response and add new responses. 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 10.49.36
  4. Next, choose an Image response from the right-hand menu. You can upload it from your computer or enter an URL.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.19.31
  5. Your image is ready!

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.19.44
  6. Then add another Text response right after your Image response from the menu and enter your message. You can also drag and drop the responses. This time, we need to add buttons to ask the user whether they want to subscribe to your newsletter. After you enter your message, click on Save Change button and then go back to Flows tab.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.56.53
  7. Buttons can be directed to a flow or an URL. To create a Subscribe button for your last Text response in the default.welcome flow, we need to create another flow to collect their emails for your newsletter. Click on the Create Flow button.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.35.08

    When you click on Create Flow button in the Flows tab, you will see 4 fields:

    • Flow Name
    • User Says
    • Data Collectors
    • Responses
  8. Give your flow a name according to its purpose. Let's call it Subscribe.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-11 at 17.04.30
  9. Enter phrases that your customers may use to the User Says area. These phrases will train your bot to give better answers to your customers. The more inputs you enter, the more the bot will train itself. 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.43.09
  10. Then, if you need to collect some information from your customer in a flow, add a Data Collector. In this case, we will add only one Data Collector to collect the emails. Click on Add Data Collector button and Data Collector menu will be displayed.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11.53.42
  11. Click on Required option if the user must answer and enter a name to Attribute for this Data Collector.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 11-52-42-png
  12. Now, we need to select an Entity from the selection. Since we are going to collect emails, we need to select entity.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.14.31
  13. And finally, enter a prompt. This prompt will be asked by the bot the collect the data you required. In this case, we may ask "May I have your email address?". You can add multiple random prompts.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12-05-06-png
  14. Click on Save Change button. And your Data Collector is ready!

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.07.02
  15. Now, you may enter several responses to finalize the flow. 

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.07.35
  16. We entered a couple of responses and saved the flow by clicking on Save Change button. After saving, the flow that is linked to the "Subscribe me!" button on the default.welcome flow is ready!

    Screen Shot 2021-02-15 at 12.10.41
  17. Now, we need to create another flow in case the user doesn’t want to subscribe to your newsletter. To do so, follow the same steps: Giving a name to your flow, entering some User Says, and bot responses. Let's call its name Not Subscribe and enter a couple of User Says.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.36.37
  18. Then, you need to add responses to finalize the flow. Create various responses and save the changes.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.44.49
  19. Connect these two flows, Subscribe and Not Subscribe, with your default.welcome flow. To do so, let's go back to the Flows tab and then click on the Edit button of default.welcome flow.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.51.31
  20. Click on Add Button and add a button to your last Text response.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.56.53-1
  21. Name your button Subscribe me! and connect it to Subscribe flow. Once you finished, click on Save.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 12.59.27
  22. Add another button called "Not at the moment!" right next to the Subscribe me! button, and connect it to Not Subscribe flow.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 13.00.41
  23. And let's create a Proactive message to attract more customers. Click on the Proactive tab on the left menu.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 15.41.25
  24. To create a Proactive message, click on Create Proactive button.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 15.46.24
  25. Let's name it welcome and select Detecting Type as All Pages. You can choose default.welcome for Trigger Flow. You can also adjust the Proactive Waiting Time. And finally, enter your message and click on Save Changes.

    Screen Shot 2021-02-16 at 15.52.27
  26. As the last step, check how your Widget looks. To do so, click on the Integrations icon on the left-menu.
  27. Now, you are good to go!