How to Build Your First AI Bot?

Building an AI Bot has never been so easy. With our No-Code AI Bot Builder, design your AI Bot without any coding background.

To understand how you can create your first AI Bot, we will be building a Newsletter Subscription Bot together by explaining step by step. In Botgate AI, our Bots have been made of steps that have different purposes. This is why steps are the most important part of the building process.

If you are unfamiliar with the concept of an attribute, please refer to this article.

Let's take a look step by step how to create your first AI Bot:

  1. First, click on the AI Bot Design icon on the left navigation bar.

  2. Bots and Templates list will open. You can either start with a template or create a new bot from scratch. Click on the Create bot button.

  3. Your bot design panel is here! Let’s name your bot as Newsletter Subscription.

  4. Start of Bot Flow is your Starting Point as the name indicates :)
  5. Let’s greet your visitors first. Find the Text step on the Steps menu and drag it to the Panel. It’ll open the Edit tab.

  6. Type “Hello there 👋” and select “there”.

  7. Click on the Personalization. You need to select an attribute. Since we are greeting your visitors on this step, you need to use Select

  8. Now, you need to define a default value for this attribute. If the system knows the visitors name, it will say “Hello John 👋”. If not, it will use this default value that you set before. Let’s enter “there” for this default value.
  9. Click on the Add button to add this prompt and click on Save to close the Edit tab.

  10. Now let’s connect it to the Starting Point. (You can delete connections by backspace)

  11. Next, choose the Image step from the right-hand Steps menu. You can upload it from your computer or enter an URL.

  12. Your image is ready!

  13. Then add a Decision CTA step to ask the visitor whether they want to subscribe to your newsletter. Type in “Subscribe our newsletter and get a 70% discount!”

  14. Let’s add 2 CTA buttons to attract the visitors: “Subscribe me!” and “Not at the moment!”.

  15. Then, if you need to collect some information from your visitors, add the Collect Contact Property step. In this case, we will add only one step to collect their emails. 

  16. Since we are going to collect emails, select the contact property:

  17. And finally, enter a prompt. This prompt will be asked by the bot to collect the data you require. In this case, we may ask "May I have your email address?". You can add multiple random prompts.

  18. Click on the Save button and connect this step to “Subscribe me!” button.

  19. Add another Text step to thank the visitors and give them their discount code! Type “Thank you! 🙏 Here is your discount code: BTGT22! ✌️”, save and connect it to Collect Contact Property step.

  20. Now, we need to create another response in case the visitor doesn’t want to subscribe to your newsletter. Drag & drop a Text step and add “Got it! Maybe next time?”.

  21. You can always add the End step if you want to close the conversation.
  22. After you finish, click on the Save button and Publish button accordingly.

  23. You can test your bot by clicking on the Test it Out button. You cannot test your bot without saving it. Please refer here to the How to Test Your Bot article. 

  24. You need to connect your bot to a Playbook since you cannot trigger this bot without Playbooks. Please refer here to learn more about Playbooks

  25. As the last step, check how your Widget looks. To do so, click on the Integrations icon on the left-menu. Go to Web Widget > Design.

  26. Bot design? ✅
    Playbooks? ✅
    Widget? ✅ 

    You are ready to go! 🚀