How to Create a Team Inbox View?

By setting up an inbox view, you can specify a set of criteria, and see all conversations matching those criteria in real time.

You can switch between them and keep an eye on AI Bot's conversations, your direct reports, or whatever you consider most important.

Let’s take a look step-by-step:

  1. From your Team Inbox, click ‘+ Create view’ in your sidebar.


  2. Give your view a title, and choose an emoji icon.


  3. You can now add your filters.


    A conversation must meet these criteria in order to appear in your view. You can filter conversations using any combination of the following:
    - Date
    - Teammate Assign Status
    - Teammate Assignee
    - Channels
    - Conversation Status
  4. It's that simple. You can now switch to this view any time you need a quick overview of these conversations.