How to Insert data with Google Sheets?

Learn more from this article to insert data from a spreadsheet.

As a result of this action, Botgate will send data collected to your Spreadsheet, creating a new row (line) in it.

  1. First you must select what column of the Spreadsheet will be updated with the information collected by Botgate. Select from the dropdown the name of the column, as set in the Spreadsheet.
  2. Then, you must determine what information collected by your bot will be sent to Google Sheets. The attribute or value (saved in an attribute) will be sent to Google Sheets, creating a new row (a new line) in that column you chose.


In the example below we are going to send the value saved in the attribute  to the column NAME.


This is how the Spreadsheet was set up:


First we used a Collect Contact Property step, and saved the answer in the attribute . This is the attribute we will insert in the Google Sheets step in the next step.


This is how it will look in the Google Sheets step, when we choose to create a new row, sending the value  to the column NAME:

This is how the conversation will look like from the user's point of view:


And after the Google Sheets is triggered, the data will be sent to the Spreadsheet, creating a new row under the column NAME.