How to train your AI via User Says?

It's important to train your AI if you want to use AI to answer your customers questions.

What are User Says?

Interactions are recognized by messages called User Says. By doing so, your bot triggers the related step when it identifies User Says.



In the Settings tab, you can set your confidence score to determine the accuracy of recognition.

How to train:

  1. User Says in a step must be filled out with all possible queries related to the topic of this interaction.
  2. You can use various synonyms, grammatical structures, and forms to accommodate most likely questions.

While filling in the User Says section, don’t worry about variants with misspelled words. We already train our AI to do so.

Let’s see an example:

  1. Imagine that you have a little burger house.
  2. Go to a step's User Says section. This step will handle all of the burger orders.