How to Update data with Google Sheets?

Check this out to learn how to update data from a spreadsheet.


With this action you will be able to update the rows of a spreadsheet following two steps:

  1. First you must check if a value (saved in an attribute) is existent in a certain column of the Spreadsheet.(for example, search for , in the column A - NAME ). This is where the spreadsheets start looking for the information. After it finds the information, it will continue the search from left to right, in the same row (line).
  2. Once you have chosen the value to start looking for in a row, you can get a value from a determined column (still in that same row), sending this value to Botgate (for example, get from the column D - EMAIL the value saved in the variable


There are two possible outputs from the Google Sheets step when you are trying to Update a Row in a Sheet:

  • Success (Green output): Step triggered when the value we are searching for (step 1) exists in the Spreadsheet.
  • Fail (Red output). Step triggered, but the variable we are searching for does not exist in the Spreadsheet. So it was not possible to update the information (since we did not find this row).


This is how we set the Spreadsheet:

Please pay extra attention to the fields from the columns NAME and EMAIL.

This is how we set the steps:


We want to use the user's name, saved in the attribute , to find the row with his registry and update the email the user has given us.

So we used the column NAME as a reference, and the value that we can find in the attribute .

We will then update the information from the column EMAIL , with the value kept in the attribute .

And this is how it would look in the Spreadsheet after the integration was triggered. Please note that the email was changed, since it was updated with the new information: