How to Build Up an AI Bot Playbook?

Learn tips and tricks to build an AI Bot Playbook from scratch!

Let’s take this step-by-step:

  1. On the Playbook tab, click on the Create a Playbook button. 

  2. Select the Build an AI Bot from scratch and click on the Next button.

  3. Finally, you need to name your Playbook and select the flow that you want to route this playbook to finalize these pre-steps before going deep on the display/targeting and click on Save Changes. We called it Default AI Bot Playbook as an example. 

  4. On the second part of the creation of your playbook, the first step is Playbook Type. You can again edit your playbook's name and change the flow. 


    !! You need to enable your playbook to be seen just by clicking the Status button within this stage.

    You will also notice that you can see the changes that you made on the right side, Preview.
  5. The next step is Targeting. It would be best if you defined your audience for this Playbook. If you don't want to select any conditions, you can continue with the  All Visitors option. 


    You can add different conditions based on your scenario in your mind. For instance, if you add Referral URL as a condition, you can target the visitors coming from your Ads. If you want to catch your return visitors, you need to add the Number of Conversations as a condition. 

  6. The last step is Display. In this step, you need to decide in what frequency your Playbook will be shown.

    There are 3 options for Frequency:
    - If you select Show on every page load, it will be shown every time your visitors visit the page.
    - If you select Show once per session, it will be shown once per session when your visitors visit the page.
    - If you select Until they start a conversation, it will be shown every time until your visitors start a conversation.


    You can also change how many times it will be shown per session for the frequency options: Show on every page load and Until they start a conversation.

    As a last step for the display, you need to define how many seconds later it will pop up on the screen.

    Please note that there isn't a Routing step while creating this type of Playbook since the Playbook is already routed to a flow. The Routing step is related to Live Chat Playbooks.

  7. Your playbook is set! Just define its priority to be shown. 


Playbooks that are used in general (All visitors targeted etc) can be lower in the priority list.