What kind of reports I can see in the Dashboard?

Reports give an insight into your AI Bots’ performance.

The Reports section provides in-depth knowledge about your AI Bots. Here you can analyze the conversations, compare flows, browse data from various periods, and much more.


Here you can check the total number of conversations, average conversation lengths, the busiest period map that illustrates what day and the time your bots were active the most, and more.


You can also filter the reports by teammates, conversation types, and channels.


Here you can check the number of new contacts, average conversations per contact, and average messages per contact.

You can filter the reports by channel.


Message reports give you an insight into how many single inquiries your AI Bots receives from users. This data can help you understand how an average chat with your bot looks like.

AI Bot

AI Bot reports list flows ordered by their popularity. On the top of the list, you can find popular flows that were triggered the most and on the bottom, popular User Says and unpopular User Says.