How to Set Autoclose Options?

What to do in a case of inactivity? This is why you need to set these Autoclose options.

It's good to have a lot of conversations coming in! You're talking to your prospects and customers a lot, thanks to your Playbooks! It's possible, however, that teammates could forget to close conversations or that leads might not complete your bot flow. It's also possible that you're using some integrations that sync when a conversation ends.

Autoclosing allows you to set the conversations to close after a certain amount of time if the users don't give any answers anymore (they might close the website and couldn't see your replies)


First, you need to navigate to Botgate AI Dashboard > Settings > Conversations. Then turn the setting on, then type in the amount of minutes/hours/days before the conversation automatically closes. 


Optionally, you can limit this setting to conversations without human participants.