Persistent Menu: What is it and what can you do with it?

Persistent Menu is a quick menu that your visitors can take specific actions directly.

In addition to your AI Bot, you can provide a persistent menu available to your visitors. The persistent menu appears beside the chat bar and, upon opening, the user can pick from options you set up as always available.



Let's head to Botgate AI Dashboard > Settings > Persistent Menu. You can change its status from here.

You need to change its status to Disabled if you want to disable the Persistent Menu since it's enabled by default for Web Widget and Facebook Messenger.


Adding Persistent Menu

Click on Add Persistent Menu, and it opens a small window that allows you to enter the title and select the related call to action: Go to Flow or Go to URL.


A sub-menu can be added if you want to direct the users to sub-menus. You can change its title and call to action settings by clicking Edit.

If you want to delete them, just click delete and don't forget to save!