Steps: Branch

Create uber-personalized experiences with branches.

Branch step helps you to create conditions and divide your flow into separated arms. Ensure that a field exists or equals something specific so that you can provide contextualized experiences to your visitors!

To create a Branch, drag & drop the Branch step to the Panel. And start creating conditions!


Please note that we already created a sample branch for you. Just edit the branch before you save it.

Each branch represents a different arm on the flow. And the system checks the branches in order. It checks the first branch, and then the second, then the third… And it goes on until the Else branch. 

We added an Else branch by default.

Once you click on the pen icon on the IF block, it’ll lead you to the edit tab. On the Edit tab, you need to:

  • Select an attribute or enter a Custom attribute.


  • Select the operator


  • Enter the value to check on this branch.


Operators that you can use are:

  • Equals / not equals
  • Contains / not contains
  • Is known / not known

After you finish, click on the Back button and your IF block is ready!

Adding another condition

You want to add another condition to the same branch? Click on the + button right below the IF block. 


You can either add an AND condition or an OR condition. 

It will open the edit tab for the AND/OR block and you need to follow the same steps to save your AND/OR block. 

Adding another branch

If you want to add another branch (another arm to your flow), click on the + Add branch button and it will create a new branch right below the first one. And follow the same steps :)