Steps: Collect Contact Property

Ask personal questions and save the visitor's answer to a contact property.

You can use this step to ask questions to your visitors and save their responses to contact properties to use them later on. 


If you are unfamiliar with the concept of an attribute, please refer to this article.

Consider an attribute to be like a folder that can be named and where you can save "things". In this case, "things" are values (texts, numbers, dates, etc...).


To start, drag and drop the step. It will open the Edit tab. First, you need to select a property to define what kind of data you want to collect from your visitors. Contact properties are:

  • contact.lastname
  • contact.fullname
  • contact.phonenumber


Since you want to ask questions to your visitors with this step, you need to enter random prompts to be shown to your visitors. What do you want to ask them? Just type and come back.

Validation Message

If your visitors don’t give responses like you want them to, you can ask them differently. For example, if you are asking for a number, your visitors should give you a number. If they don’t, the system will not accept the response for the validation and will ask the same question again. This validation message helps you to ask the question in a different way so that you don’t need to ask the same question again and again. 


Custom Validation Regex Expressions

Searching for patterns in a stream of text can be done by using regular expressions. You can create patterns to help you locate a specific pattern.

If you add custom regex validations in this step, you can be more proactive in double checking the responses of your visitors.


If you are unfamiliar with the concept of regular expressions, please check here.

For example, if you want to ask about their Social Security Number, a regex rule can be added to limit the user to typing a certain format. In the United States, this would be a 9-digit number; while in Turkey this would be an 11-digit number.

In this case, if a Turkish citizen is asked for their Social Security Number, it is expected to get an 11-digit number. If the visitor enters anything but an 11-digit number, the validation message will be shown. 

Fallback Rules

If your visitors don't give you the responses you want, you can set fallback rules to show the bot what to do in these scenarios and when. 


Click on the Add fallback rules button. Now you need to select the fallback count: How many times should the bot ask the question to get the right response? If this count is reached, the bot will direct the visitors to another step that you define.


As a last step, click on the Save button to save all your changes.