Team Inbox: Contact Details

All the details of your customers!

Once you expand the Contact Details tab, you will get more information on your visitors.



You can get your visitors' names if you collect their names before.


You can go more through your visitors. The information you will see in this part:

  • Last seen tells you the last time when your contacts were online on the widget.

  • Channel tells you which channel is your customer came by.

  • Web Browser and Device allows you to see the web browser and operating system of your customer.

  • Current Page tells you which page your customers are in.

  • Timezone indicates what time is it in the location where your customers are.

Recent Conversations

With the Recent Conversations tab, you can see your previous messages with this visitor.

Geological Information

It's important to know where your visitors are.

This part can tell you specific information such as Country, City, IP Address, and coordinates of your visitors.