Terms of Service


Within the scope of the ‘Distance Sales Agreement’ signed between Botgate and the Customer who buys “Botgate Software Application” (“Product”) from Botgate through the website https://botgate.ai or mobile applications, terms of order cancellation and refund of the product that are subject of this Agreement have been determined hereinbelow and these terms of order cancellation and refund are deemed to be accepted by signing the Distance Sale Agreement:

1. In case the bank/financial institution to which the credit card is processed does not pay the price of the Product or if this institution demands the price back after delivery for any reason; Botgate will prevent the Customer from accessing the Botgate Software Application in three (3) business days. All other contractual and legal rights of Botgate including the follow-up of the product and service fee shall be reserved.

2. In order not to hesitate; in cases where the Customer pays the price of the product and service by credit card, payment card etc., all the facilities provided by these cards are directly provided by the card issuer.

3. In this context, all the sales of the software which Botgate collects is cash sale for the parties of this Agreement, is not be a credit or installment sale.

4. The legal rights of Botgate in cases deemed to be sold in installments by law (including the right to terminate the contract and / or the payment of the remaining debt together with the default interest, if the installments are not paid) are reserved within the framework of the relevant legislation. In case of default of the Customer, the default interest shall be applied at the monthly rate as stipulated by the applicable laws.