They trust Botgate AI to qualify their leads:

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Capture & qualify more leads and grow your sales through conversational marketing

With our Hybrid model (bot + human) we transform your existing sales workflows into conversations.

Take your sales workflows to the next level with our Hybrid model which combines bots with a human touch. Where bots take care of simpler and repetitive tasks, and you spend more time focusing on where the real value is created.

Botgate AI

Qualify your leads faster without depending on web-forms

Our platform enriches the customer experience through conversations. It uses the best of a bot: conversation automatizaton, FAQs and live chat; all with a friendly UI.

  • Increase Conversion Rate Increase Conversion Rate
  • Improve Lead Quality Improve Lead Quality
  • Grow your digital revenue Grow your digital revenue
  • Enrich Customer Journey Experience Enrich Customer Journey Experience
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