“Highest ROI platform I’ve ever seen”

“Highest ROI platform I’ve ever seen”

Cagan - CEO / Guul Games

  • No credit card required No credit card required
Monthly Annual
Save 20%
Free 0€ / Month
  • 100 Active Contacts
  • 1 Seat
    1 Workspace
    1 Integration
Get Started
Free includes;
  • Icon Live Chat A tool for online communication that allows you to communicate with website visitors in real-time
  • Icon AI Bots A piece of software that communicates with a person using written language
  • Icon Web Widget A standalone feature that may be added to a website or application
Starter 23€ / Month
  • 500 Active Contacts
  • 1 Seat
    2 Workspaces
    1 Integration
Choose Plan
Everything in Free, plus;
  • Icon Export Contacts Export your contacts with a single click as an Excel document (csv, xl, etc.)
  • Icon Playbooks Let you greet your visitors in a more personalized way
  • Icon WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook Messenger Integrations Botgate can be used on social media too
Growth 63€ / Month
  • 1500 Active Contacts
  • 2 Seats
    Unlimited Workspaces
    2 Integrations
Choose Plan
Everything in Starter, plus;
  • Icon Personalized Playbooks Enable you to give more personalized welcomes to your guests
  • Icon Seamless Slack Integration Instantly manage, track all your conversations, see key Botgate AI metrics and get important updates with Slack
  • Icon AI Based FAQ Don't need a live agent for FAQs
  • Icon Advanced Conversation Routing Determining who will take care of your visitors
  • Icon Role Based Access The access' of the team can be managed
  • Icon Multilanguage Botgate provides multilingual service
Scale 159€ / Month
  • 5000 Active Contacts
  • 4 Seats
    Unlimited Workspaces
    All Integrations
Choose Plan
Everything in Growth, plus;
  • Icon Salesforce Integration Botgate integrates with Salesforce and gives you the best experience
  • Icon Conversion Optimization Botgate will provide to increase the ratio of leads
  • Icon Data Driven Recommendation Support Decisions are made using statistics rather than gut feeling
  • Icon API Access Botgate AI API allows you to craft unique messaging experiences for your app and website, as well as talk to any backend or external service New
Enterprise Let’s talk
  • Custom Active Contacts
  • Custom Seat
    Unlimited Workspaces
    All Integrations
Contact Sales
Everything in Scale, plus;
  • Icon Single Sign On Teammates who want to access Botgate AI through SAML-based single sign-on (SSO) are able to log in through an identity provider (IDP) of your choice
  • Icon Webhooks Webhooks are a fantastic way to extend the Botgate AI platform beyond the built-in feature set
  • Icon Dedicated Success Manager Botgate Customer Success team will be there for you, always

Over 2000 companies prefer Botgate to connect with prospects, convert more leads and increase their revenue.

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Guul Games
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Questions you might have

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What are Active Contacts?

Active Contacts are the number of unique visitors for your AI Bot/Live Chat monthly.


What is a Seat?

Basically, it's the number of people that are allowed to access the Dashboard. 


What are Channels?

Channels can be messaging channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Web Widget, Slack, or Skype, and also can be some sales/marketing tools like Hubspot, Salesforce, Pipeline, or your custom CRM.


What is a Workspace?

In Botgate AI, multiple workspaces can be created and processes can be run separately for each created workspace. So you can use our product on different websites of yours.


How many active contacts does my plan come with?

Free plan comes with 100 contacts, the Starter plan with 500 contacts, the Growth plan with 1500, and the Scale plan has 5000 active contacts.


How many workspaces is my plan allowed to create?

Free and Starter plan comes with a single workspace, while other paid plans all are allowing you to have multiple workspaces.


How much are additional active contacts?

If you're on the Free plan or the Starter plan, adding contacts is not supported. After the Growth plan, every additional 500 contacts are 19€ per month. 


What is the contract term?

With Botgate AI, it is possible to have a monthly or annual contract. Both contracts have to be paid upfront, and with the annual contract, you enjoy a discount.


Can I change my subscription plan anytime I want?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade your plan anytime you want, regardless of whether you have an active paid subscription or you are on the Free plan.


What is the cancellation period?

Botgate AI does not have a cancellation period. The subscription renews automatically every month or annually, you can cancel the subscription before this date.

"Don't be afraid to give up the
good to go for the great"

Star Star Star Star Star

BotGate AI is the best AI-driven conversation platform I have used. Our conversion rates on our website have significantly increased in weeks, and we are able to have conversations in real time with our leads. BotGate AI is very easy to implement and use.

Alp Tetikel Head of Marketing
full-card-lines full-card-bg full-card-star Alp Tetikel
Star Star Star Star Star

We see tremendous traction for collecting test drive leads since we connected Botgate AI to our website. Rich integration options are enabling us to track every inquiry from a single dashboard. The tool also makes upsells like car insurance while answering all questions of the visitors 24/7.

Gökay Mozakoğlu Digital Marketing
full-card-lines full-card-bg full-card-star-1 Gökay Mozakoğlu