Grow Revenue Without Growing Headcount
Grow Revenue Without Growing Headcount

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Over 2000 companies prefer Botgate to connect with prospects, convert more leads and increase their revenue.


Engage with the Right Buyers 24/7

Greet your visitors on your page, ask them straightforward questions, or use personal information to spark new conversations. Guide them to find the information they are looking for and get customer information that you didn't have before. Encourage them to take action 24/7 with Botgate's unique playbooks!

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Engage with the Right Buyers 24/7

Botgate AI bot speaks in 9 languages now!

The ability of technology companies to communicate with the whole world is perhaps one of the most important issues in this race. It's not enough just to be able to work in one or two languages. The experience we want to provide our customers, especially in the field of conversational marketing, is to make them feel special and comfortable. At this point, Botgate AI is proud to introduce its new feature: Multi-Language Feature!

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Botgate AI bot speaks in 9 languages now!

Connect with Qualified Leads in Real-Time

Botgate’s lead-scoring algorithm and cutting-edge technology qualify visitors by geolocation, pages visited, total visits, on-site actions, sign-in & sign-up status, initiated chats, and many more. Use AI-driven insights to focus on accounts that are ready to buy. Automate your sales process to route leads to the right team in real-time.

Marketing Lead Scoring
Pattern Connect with Qualified Leads in Real-Time

Generate More Online Leads

Connecting with outbound prospects at exactly the right moment means the difference between an impersonal browse through your website and a new sale. Use conversational marketing to capture leads on your website 24/7. Train your chatbot to recognize and automate common customer questions (FAQs). Never miss a chance to sell or help your customers

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Generate More Online Leads

Identify, Target, and Nurture leads

Comfortably design and customize your chatbot using a smooth, drag-and-drop chatbot builder. Gather your visitors’ emails and phone numbers through engagements and add them to your CRM. Engage your customers through either live or automated chats and provide better conversational support in real-time.

Custom AI Bots
Identify, Target, and Nurture leads

Go behind the curtains

You can train the AI yourself and see & analyze in detail how visitors react to the AI's behavior. Calibrate the structure to perfection for obtaining a flawless conversational marketing experience.

AI Bots Training & Insights
Go behind the curtains
Arrow Multiple Language Support multilanguage-purple

Language Support

Engage and convert customers globally in 20+ languages. Moreover, we are adding 1 extra language almost once a month!

Arrow Smart Lead Profiler idea-red

Lead Profiler

Botgate's AI classifies leads with smart data collection methods to craft a full-fledged customer database.

Arrow Account Based Marketing user-announce

Based Marketing

Botgate tracks your prospects' footprints bit by bit and notifies you to start an instant conversation once a preset condition is triggered.

Arrow Retargeting target-image


Personalization at its smoothest! Botgate knows your visitor and adjusts its messages regarding previous visits to ensure lead generation with desired data parameters.

Arrow Pricing Page Optimization earn-profit-imagee

Pricing Page

Most of the decisive questions come on Pricing Page, Botgate's smart pricing playbooks take control at the point and direct the prospect to the most appropriate option

Arrow Conversion Optimization machine-image


Thanks to Botgate's well-developed AI, the system automatically calibrates itself to get the most out of a session by figuring out which conversation route performs better.

Arrow A/B<br>                                 Testing a-b-test


Test your messages, check the data, and decide which performs better! Take this process as recurring optimization and seize the perfection. Testing a variety of...

Arrow Conversational Landing Pages web-image

Landing Pages

Easily create conversational landing pages to engage visitors through AI-bot-driven interaction. For example, your visitors are greeted by AI-bot and pushed into the desired...

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Most probably, you don’t know which conversations, on which web pages, are smooth converting into the desired leads or which ones are leading to closed deals let's say. Instantly get a big picture of your communication channels & website performance and analyze which conversational pitches, on which pages, generate your top converting leads.

Advanced Reporting & Analytics

"Don't be afraid to give up the
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We see tremendous traction for collecting test drive leads since we connected Botgate AI to our website. Rich integration options are enabling us to track every inquiry from a single dashboard. The tool also makes upsells like car insurance while answering all questions of the visitors 24/7.

Gökay Mozakoğlu Digital Marketing
full-card-lines full-card-bg full-card-star Gökay Mozakoğlu
Star Star Star Star Star

BotGate AI is the best AI-driven conversation platform I have used. Our conversion rates on our website have significantly increased in weeks, and we are able to have conversations in real time with our leads. BotGate AI is very easy to implement and use.

Alp Tetikel Head of Marketing
full-card-lines full-card-bg full-card-star-1 Alp Tetikel