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Get to know visitors you never knew before! Track,
qualify and turn them into your new customers.

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Classify, Engage, and Convert Your Visitors with Visitor 360

Visitor Tracker

Sherlock Holmes inside: Botgate’s Visitor 360 tracks each website visitor -whether first-time visitor or retention- page by page, predicts their behavior and scores smartly, notifies if they become idle, and lets you start a chat instantly.

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Real-Time Visitor Tracker

Visitor Lead Scoring

Botgate’s seamless algorithm and cutting-edge technology qualify visitors by

  • Geolocation
  • Specific pages visited
  • Total visits
  • Taken on-site actions
  • Sign in & sign up for status
  • Initiated chat conversations Collected data via chat like title, company size, industry, etc.

to provide the most precise scoring! lead conversion is a piece of cake from now on.

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Visitor Lead Scoring
Arrow Visitor Analytics Visitor Analytics


Ever know which visitors are taking which actions on which web pages before? Instantly see the big picture of your potential customers' status on your dashboard, focus on the qualified ones, and hit many birds with one stone.

Arrow Visitor Segmentation Visitor Segmentation


Use Botgate Visitor 360 to identify which prospects are most likely to convert by aggregating personal user intent signals for each account. With Visitor 360, you can target revenue generation resources -decision makers- efficiently like never before.

Arrow Data Enrichment Data Enrichment


We enrich your database with trusted 3rd party partners. You can see who is surfing your website on the first visit with many data parameters including company, location, industry, and so on.

"Don't be afraid to give up the
good to go for the great"

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BotGate AI is the best AI-driven conversation platform I have used. Our conversion rates on our website have significantly increased in weeks, and we are able to have conversations in real time with our leads. BotGate AI is very easy to implement and use.

Alp Tetikel Head of Marketing
full-card-lines full-card-bg full-card-star Alp Tetikel
Star Star Star Star Star

We see tremendous traction for collecting test drive leads since we connected Botgate AI to our website. Rich integration options are enabling us to track every inquiry from a single dashboard. The tool also makes upsells like car insurance while answering all questions of the visitors 24/7.

Gökay Mozakoğlu Digital Marketing
full-card-lines full-card-bg full-card-star Gökay Mozakoğlu