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Online marketing trends are changing rapidly. In order to succeed in the online marketing world, it is crucial to follow these trends and include them in the marketing processes. These trends not only help your business to stay standing but at the same time, help your business succeed in this era of never-ending marketing changes. So, what are these trends?


Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence contains software that teaches how to learn and how to imitate real human behavior and speeches. One of the most exciting elements of this technology is its ability to learn on its own through real human interactions and programmed situations. 

AI technology can carry on repeating tasks and adapting itself. It usually alleviates the weight of repetitive tasks and interactions that come from your online marketing team. The best thing about artificial intelligence in the marketing field is being able to use analytic solutions to make smarter decisions. When an online marketing campaign is done correctly, it uses analytics in order to see what worked and what didn’t. If it detects that a campaign is not working, it can remove or change elements of the campaign in order to achieve the desired results. 



Consumers are demanding extremely personalized shopping experiences even from physical stores. This covers from using the customer’s name to talking about their previous purchasing process and which ads the customers will see. A survey conducted by Salesforce proves that personalization in customer experiences improves customer experience by 64%, achieves a 63% conversion rate, and increases visitor participation by 55%. There seems to be no reason why businesses of all sizes shouldn’t make use of personalized marketing campaigns. 


Social Media Stories

Stories feature which started with Snapchat is used by almost every social media application today. Stories consist of posts that disappear within 24 hours. Using stories feature could be a great way to connect with your target audience and to create a FOMO effect on them in order not to miss any story posted on your page and to frequently visit it. 



Omnichannel Marketing

Omnichannel marketing is a marketing process that aims at providing higher conversion rates, a customer experience that provides loyalty, and presenting a coherent brand message on multiple platforms such as social media, applications, email, and blog posts. Research shows that in a marketing process where brands use three or more channels achieve an 18,96% increase in their interaction rates (on a single channel its 5,4%), a 250% higher rate on purchasing frequency when compared to the use of a single channel, 13% more orders in average order value compared to single-channel and 90% higher performance in customer retention compared to single-channel. More and more companies provide the necessary tools to manage multiple channels effectively, so you can easily implement an omnichannel strategy into your marketing strategy. 



Geographical limitation allows companies to realize real-time targeting based on the location of the users. For instance, if the target audience is determined within one kilometer of a restaurant, when a user enters the determined area, they receive an app notification, a text message, or another form of marketing communication. For businesses that need to convert online users into real-time customers, geofencing is becoming more and more important in their marketing strategies. Using geofencing you can reach your closest target customers with great ease. 


Green Marketing

Green marketing, also called eco-marketing or environmental marketing, is the practice of developing and advertising products based on actual or perceived environmental sustainability.  Green marketing can give your business access to younger markets and provide a competitive advantage over other similar businesses.  It can also increase brand loyalty and strengthen your brand image.


IoT Advertising

The IoT represents a network of devices, from smart cars to home appliances and wearable technology, that are connected between each other and the Internet. Devices connected to this network can collect, share and analyze information and simultaneously create actions. Opportunities for IoT advertising continue to emerge. The only thing to note here is that given the amount of detailed data collected by IoT devices, marketers should use it in relevant and respectful ways to respect the user’s privacy.


A/B Partition Test

A/B test is an independent methodology for the study of user experience. The A/B partition test provides a way for the marketers to follow up on the key customer purpose, behavior, brand commitment, and purchase intent over time. With this information, marketers can make adjustments to their online marketing campaigns and continue to follow up on the results over time.

The A/B Test is very important in online marketing because it helps determine the effectiveness of your current online marketing efforts. In order not to destroy your income goals and to provide maximum income potential, it is important to conduct a discrimination test between a smaller number of variables and establish a minimum of changes.



Chatbots are computer programs developed by third parties to allow marketing professionals in advertising their products or in providing customer service using instant answers to the frequently asked questions of the customers. Customers prefer interaction with chatbots since they are available 24/7, they can instantly respond and remember all their purchasing history correctly. These virtual assistants save your resources for more important tasks by meeting customer expectations and automating repetitive tasks and delivering a much better customer service experience. The necessity of chatbots is becoming increasingly important for a positive customer experience. 


Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing is a marketing strategy that helps build personal and instant communication between marketers and customers. The primary goal of conversational marketing is improving user experience with a model based on higher participation, more loyalty, and more sales return. Contrary to traditional strategy, this marketing method can be used on multiple channels and brands can meet their customers wherever, whenever. 


Meet Conversational Marketing Method with Botgate!

All of the strategies we mentioned above are composed of trends that will affect the online marketing methods of businesses. The most important ones among these are conversational marketing and chatbot methods which will allow you to directly connect with your customers. At Botgate AI, we help you instantly develop your artificial intelligence-supported chatbot on our platform, without requiring any coding. This way you can improve your customer experience through conversation and use it on both your website and your social media applications. Contact Botgate AI today and start using conversational marketing strategy now! 



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