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Today, customers prefer carrying out research themselves and gathering information on their own before getting in touch with a sales person. Studies show that 57% of B2B customers have already made their decision on what to purchase before talking to a supplier. In this article we will give you 5 tips to start closing B2B sales and adapting your sales processes to digital trends. 


1) Know Your B2B Customers Better

In order to better know your customers, gather information on them and ask for their feedback. By realizing analysis based on these data, you can generate serious insights about your customers. The process of getting to know your customers plays a crucial role in helping you make more sales. It helps you to create a personalized experience for your B2B customers and to anticipate their needs without them even appearing. 


2) Build Lasting Relationships 

If you would like to earn more B2B sales, then you must build lasting relationships and focus on retaining your already existing customers. Saasquatch determined that 84% of the B2B decision makers start their purchasing journeys over a recommendation. When your already existing customers are happy with your service, they are most likely to recommend you to qualified potential customers. On top of that, if they feel a more personal bond with you, they are much more likely to do business with you. By building a positive relationship with your customers, you can prevent them from switching to a competitor company. 


3) Make Social Sales 

According to research carried out by Accenture, 94% of the B2B customers carry out online research before purchasing a business product. Your goal should be keeping your company in the minds of your potential customers, so that when they are ready to purchase, they purchase from you. One of the best methods to do this is making social sales. 

Social sale is using social media in order to find new potential customers and interact with them. A study conducted by IDC, stated that 91% of the B2B customers are active on social media, in particular on LinkedIn. You can build a slow, but confident communication with your cold leads by interacting with them constantly on social media and turn them into customers obsessed with your brand.  


4) Subscribe to Your Potential Customer’s Content 

Make sure that you are following the blog content, newsletter or social media feed of your potential customer’s business that is publishing regularly, if there is one, and check for any updates. This will give you an idea about their business priorities and how they interact with their potential customers. The content you find, will give you valuable information that will help your B2B sales process. You can discuss how these platforms can help your potential customers serve their customers and make relevant referrals for your offers. 


5) Contact Real Decision Makers 

Many businesses put their buyers and purchasing managers in the frontline of the purchasing processes. However, in reality these people are not qualified to make any purchasing decisions. Therefore, the most successful B2B sales people, skip these people and go directly to real decision makers. No matter how convenient and comfortable, do not waste your time on building relationships with buyers and purchasing managers. They neither have the budget nor the authority to make a real investment to your product or service. Instead, make sales to shareholders who have the authority to make a purchasing decision and who have the budget. 


Close Your B2B Sales with Botgate AI 

Botgate AI is a chatbot and conversational selling platform that allows for your customers to get in touch with you rapidly, using your website and social media. In our day when sales strategies are being affected by technological developments, you can get a step ahead of your competitors by easily adapting to this process using Botgate AI. Contact Botgate AI now and close your B2B sales! 



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