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Growth hacking is an experimental technique used to identify the most effective ways to grow a business. Used by Sean Ellis for the first time in 2010 this term includes a mixture of process, marketing, development, design, engineering, data, and analytics. So, how can startups apply growth hacks? In this article, we will talk about growth hacks that will help startups to exceed their potential and to increase their profits steeply.

Create a Mailing and Contact List Prior to the Launch

Email is the most valuable way to reach your target audience. Social media accounts might end up deciding that your content is not worthy to Show in people’s stream because of the algorithms they have running. When it comes to an effective startup growth strategy, email marketing is beneficial both in probable sales and sales returns. It allows you to reach your target audience and effectively transmit your message. Additionally, email marketing is of great help for businesses to create hype for the launch of a product or an activity. Moreover, it allows you to acquire potential customers even before your launch. This way you can achieve customer acquisition right after the launch.


Analyze the Growth Tactics of Your Competitors

Just because your business is new, it does not mean reinventing the wheel when it comes to making your brand stand out in the eyes of your customers. Your competitors must have tried out a series of strategies in order to attract new leads and you can make use of this by looking at which one worked for your competitors. Using tools such as SimilarWeb, ahrefs and SEMrush can give you an idea about where your competitor’s traffic is coming from. You can go after the same traffic sources in order to receive consistent traffic to your website.


Collaborate with Influencers

Although Influencer Marketing is quite a new concept, it is a very effective method that is increasingly used and quite successful. The most important part of this marketing is to know and to choose which influencers you will be collaborating with. If you are a software product made especially for business, you would not be collaborating with an influencer who talks about cosmetic products. Contacting and collaborating with influencers who target your product or service will help you reach your target audience in a short period.


Use SEO to Increase the Traffic of Your Website

A lot of the startups fight for short-term gains since they are fighting to survive. Even though short-term gains are important, they might also cause overlook creating long-term planning and more sustainable growth. SEO is a long-term investment. You might not see its effects instantly. So why should you focus on any kind of SEO?

As an answer to this, SEO can achieve a flow of constant new visitors for years to come without doing anything else once after new content is published. Organic search traffic is incredibly valuable since it allows you to target your audience in line with their purpose and their searches. If you can place your website on the first pages of Google, you can keep on seeing free traffic on a daily basis. In addition, if you choose the right keywords for your business then you will be putting your website in front of those who are looking for your product.



Be in Constant Communication with Your Customers

As a startup, improving your ideas, being in constant communication with your customers and focusing on their feedback will provide you with a correct growth process. So, how can you achieve this?

You can gather information on these points by having your customer representative realize one-on-one communication or telephone conversation and by filling out various forms. Although these methods were successful before the internet became such a great part of our lives, today, reaching target customers and gathering the correct information is quite a challenge. Right at this point conversation selling is making it easier for you to communicate with your customers anytime, anywhere.

Conversational selling is a marketing method that companies conduct using real-time conversations with leads and existing customers through their websites or mobile applications. One of the most frequently used methods in conversational marketing, the chatbots allow you to receive feedback and make sales by keeping in touch with your customers on your website and your social media applications regardless of time and location.


The Address of Conversational Selling Strategy: Botgate

Conversational selling provides a digital transformation in the marketing process starting from startups to big corporate companies. Botgate is a platform that allows you to create artificial intelligence supported chatbots which you can integrate both with your website and social media applications. With Botgate, you can add AI-supported chatbots to your platforms without having to write a single line of code. Contact Botgate AI now in order to add conversational selling to your growth hack process and add value to your growth process by communicating with your customers.



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