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Lead generation is one of the important aspects of each business. If there are no good possible sales creating programs, then businesses might face difficulties in increasing their sales. The market is overflowing with hundreds of possible sales solutions. Developing a system with a return of investment (ROI) is only possible if you choose the correct products. So, what are the highest ROI lead generation tools for your business?



Picreel is an exit-intent lead generation tool that helps you increase your website interaction using joyous pop-ups and forms. It comes with an intuitional pop-up window organizer and a big template handbook in order to start pop-up marketing. It has many different triggering options to help you catch quality leads and a targeting tool with improved analytics. The tool is quite user-friendly. It can be integrated with more than 700 applications and it comes with a special support service and database.



AeroLeads facilitates finding work emails and contact information of leads. Using social sites such as LinkedIn, CrunchBase and AngelList it searches for and finds information such as company URL, business title, location, email address, and other relevant data. The data brought in is organized and with a fail-safe integration, it is transferred into your favorite tools and CRM with just one click.



BIGContacts is a comprehensive CRM, email marketing, and sales management tool that allows you to manage leads and customers using a single dashboard. It is specially designed to meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. The tool automatically updates contact information on the internet and social media to increase the data of your leads. You can analyze possible sales, teams, and campaigns in order to increase your sales using smart reporting and analysis. You can easily automate marketing campaigns on BIGContacts to create more opportunities.



Vyper is a social media marketing and lead generation tool used to create viral competitions and giveaways. It can make your job much easier by keeping your target audience busy. The tool is great in terms of creating rewards, social followers, and recommendations. The more your target audience shares the competition, the more they receive additional participation. This is why it is a great way to increase your online existence and possible sales. The application has a visual designer and templates and is user-friendly.  



Hootsuite is a social media management tool to increase your social media existence and generate leads. It can be integrated into all your social media accounts in order to manage social events and monitor them. You can analyze trending content using the intuitional dashboard and analyze its performance on different platforms. You can gather personalized information from your best-performing content and use social analysis to increase interaction. You can also collaborate with your team members in order to provide rapid answers to your leads.




Botgate is a conversational marketing platform used to communicate and build relationships with customers and leads. You can easily integrate AI-supported chatbots developed by Botgate both into your website and social media applications without needing any kind of coding knowledge. Using Botgate AI you can both see who is visiting your website in real-time, reach them, and initiate communication. In addition, you can follow visitors and receive feedback each time they visit your website. With its improved reporting tool, you can better know your customers by making use of the data gathered from your chat. If you are wondering how you can do this, contact Botgate now and include lead acquisition in your strategy with conversational marketing.



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