To increase sales, harness the power of personalised and proactive messages with website visitors through an experience that is tailored for them! 

Best way to get the most benefits from Conversational Marketing are playbooks. 

Botgate was built for this: frictionless business buying. However, conversational marketing approach was so preferred by consumer brands, it evolved into the B2C area in no time as well. 

Playbooks are the ultimate form of personalised marketing and their conversational nature comes from real-time conversations. Every brand nowadays tries to harness the power of smoother customer journeys. This approach requires a tailored message to each audience. Hence, your brand also should be utilizing different messages to different audiences based on the actions they take on and off your website. 

Most basic version of a playbook is qualifying the leads. We have developed an intelligent sales assistant, Botgate Leadbot, that will capture the contact information of visitors on your website and qualify the leads for you. In this step, you should focus on asking about the industry, company size, and alike as they are most critical in sales.

There are many advanced forms of playbooks. You can use playbooks to convert your paid ads, enhance the returning visitor experience, optimize some specific page performance with AI Bots (pricing page, etc.)

To be more clear with an example, let’s picture this: your audience might have landed on your page via search engine ads, referral links or gated content. You should welcome them with a message containing their interest area- so whatever they clicked for. 

This will have multiple benefits:

  • Increase in ads conversion rate
  • Bigger sales revenue through personalisation
  • Tap into returning visitor potential of purchasing
  • Decrease in bounce rate
  • Better customer journey around the website
  • An enhanced customer service 

Another detailed example; it’s no secret that a potential customer visiting your pricing page shows a high intent of purchase. Why not greet them with a related message proactively on your pricing page, helping them find the best plan based on their needs saving them time and confusion to choose among options.

Here are some of the major categories of Botgate Playbooks

You can start proactive conversations related to;

  • Specific Ads: Welcome ad clickers with discount codes or welcome gated content visitors with blog subscription incentives. 
  • Specific Pages: You can leverage homepage lead bot to qualify leads, pricing page bot to take visitors down the funnel, and last but not least product page bot to connect leads with your customer service reps to clear the confusion on the customer end about your service’s abilities.
  • On-Page Customer Journeys: Activate bot when user scrolled down on the page for five seconds, or activate when a user visited a third page or more.
  • Retargeting: Make sure visitors notice the effort you give in personalisation, greet them with a message, ‘Second time here, are you looking for some specific help, Rachel?’ This way if the visitor has engaged with the bot or with one of your agents earlier, it will be no extra effort to connect them with the right sales representative.

In our next blog, we will focus more on examples in these key areas, stay tuned! 

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