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Today, making online sales is much easier with websites, social media accounts, or e-commerce sites. While it is so easy for businesses to find their places in the online market, for new businesses who are only starting off their journey in the private sector, finding potential customers is quite a challenge. So, what are free tools which will help increase the sales of new businesses in the online sales process?


If you are looking to sell online, you should be introducing your products on online platforms. The first way to introduce your products in the internet world goes through owning a website that talks more about your business and your products. The best way to create a website, in the most rapid way possible, is using WordPress. WordPress allows you to create your own website without requiring any kind of software knowledge. You can add different add-ons for additional functions and features as well.



MailChimp is a software developed to help you create and manage mailing lists, bulletins, automatic campaigns, and much more. It is a service that strengthens your email marketing actions. Mailchimp also allows you to analyze your work through detailed statistics. Using the free plan of MailChimp you can create effective templates and conduct automatic email campaigns. It is a great way to offer your potential customers and customers convincing promotions to try out your activity or re-visit your website again in the future.


Google Search Console

Another free tool provided by Google; the Google Search Console helps you easily analyze how your website is performing in Google searches. This way you can see on which points your website shows the highest performance instantly and carry out much better SEO improvements. In addition to that, your website might be giving specific errors in Google searches. It is a lot easier to detect these errors with Search Console. This way you can integratedly detect the technical errors of your website using Google Analytics, Google Trends, and Google Ads.



Botgate is a conversational marketing platform that you can use on your website or social media applications. Thanks to the Artificial Intelligence-supported chatbots developed by this platform to which registration is free of charge, you can automate your marketing and support processes. With Botgate AI you can increase customer interaction and lead acquisition by building human-like dialogues. Conversational selling can help you to better communicate with your customers and increase your sales. If you are wondering how you can integrate conversational selling to your business process, contact Botgate AI now!


Google Analytics

Google Analytics, provided by Google, gives detailed information with regard to your website traffic. Website owners and website managers, who use Google Analytics, can easily monitor the resources of the traffic arriving at the website. Google Analytics also offers features that help web managers to better understand visitor activity on a website. This way it provides support when it comes to setting specific goals based on these activities. In addition, it helps you take quick actions to increase your online sales.


Google Trends

Google Trends, which will be of great help when used with Google Analytics, is a free Google tool that shows you the search volume of the words you aim at the Google search engine. With Google Trends you can see the popular searches and up-to-date topics of the time frame you set and you can statistically analyze during which periods and from where the keywords have been searched the most. Using Google Trends and following popular searches you can increase the number of visitors and the traffic of your website when you create your content in line with searches.



Your website must be optimized for Google in order for your potential customers to find your website and visit it. Most online traffic is created by search engines. That is why if you would like to succeed, it is crucial to play by their rules. Business tools provided by Ryte show you all factors needed to be optimized to achieve a good rank on Google. Ryte, scans your website in order to provide you recommendations for improvement. It pays attention to all factors related to Google such as; page speed, sub-tags, headers, duplicated content, and many others. Once the scanning is complete, it provides you with different recommendations to help you give the best SEO experience there is. You too can activate these recommendations rapidly on your website and reach your customers easily.



Buffer allows you to post on all your social media accounts at once, instead of manually posting on each one separately, and does its magic. Your content is sent to all your social media accounts such as; Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram automatically. The free plan allows you to connect up to 3 accounts. This plan comes with other features like statistical planning and reviewing.



A free web-based design application Canva helps you prepare a lot of visuals professionally such as infographics, posters, presentations, invitations, cards, advertisements, or social media posts. It is a very user-friendly website and it contains various free templates, pictures, and signs. All these elements help you get inspired during the design process.



Receiving regular feedback is crucial if you are looking to give a magnificent customer experience. Typeform is a popular tool that allows you to create beautiful forms and surveys. It allows you to customize fonts, colors, images and to work with the same performance on different devices. Taking the human factor into account helps you improve your user experience. You can use Typeform for surveys of up to 100 people.


Google PageSpeed ​​Insights

Bounce rate possibility is high when it comes to waiting for a page to download. Google PageSpeed Insight tool detects page download time, informs users about the problem, and offers recommendations on how to solve the problem. It gives speed scores and ranks websites as slow, normal, or fast. In addition, it analyzes the main factors in order to find its optimization score. The first factor is the time that the customer spends waiting for the upper part of the page to be downloaded. The second factor is the download speed of the totality of the page. This tool will greatly help you to measure your store performance and to understand whether or not you are on the right track.



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