Conversational Selling Strategy


In our age when digitalization has accelerated more than ever, traditional marketing has left its place to new types of marketing. One of these marketing types is conversational marketing, allowing companies to make sales to their customers anytime, anywhere. Companies need to use conversational marketing strategies to stand out in such an increasingly competitive environment. So, what is conversational marketing? What are its benefits? 

What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is a marketing method where companies carry out real-time interviews with their customers and potential customers through their websites or mobile applications. Real-time interviews realized through online interviews and chatbots are the most commonly used methods in conversational marketing. Conversational marketing methods help companies to improve their customer relationships and to reach potential customers faster.

Traditional Methods No Longer Work 

Conversational Sales

Traditional marketing methods no longer create the desired effect on customers. While Being constantly exposed to the same advertisement on different platforms causes customers to distance themselves from the relevant brand, it also causes a decline in the sales chart. 

The biggest problem in traditional marketing methods is that they only focus on selling the product to the customer. Not focusing on complaints, requests, and feedback of the customers, makes customers feel like their opinions are not cared for. Companies where traditional methods are used and feedback of customers are not received are not able to put their creativity forward and they lag behind their competitors who change their marketing strategies by keeping up with the updates.

Conversational marketing strategy, eliminating problems caused by traditional methods provides a more productive and enjoyable sales process. In addition to that, it helps companies to prepare the right advertising strategy by enabling one-to-one contact with the target audience. 

Makes Customers Feel Important 

The conversational selling method enables you to make sales by reaching the customer anytime, anywhere. Using chatbots regardless of time and location, you can include customers in the sales process and easily gather their possible feedback. Conversational marketing also makes it possible to create personalized sales offers to customers. Personalized sales offers make customers feel important while contributing to making them take more interest in the product or service. Thus, companies that adopt this strategy are always one step ahead of their competitors. 

Conduct an Interactive Sales Process 

Conversational Sales 2

Conversational marketing encourages greater customer participation and turns the sales process into a more interactive process. In particular, chatbots make this participation much easier. Companies can significantly improve customer interaction using real-time automated chatbots on their different communication channels. Customers can reach chatbots while checking the company’s website or social media and use it chatbot for all their questions. Chatbots can reduce customers’ waiting time by answering their questions instantly. And this enables conducting an interactive sales process.  

Start Conversational Marketing with Botgate AI 

The easiest way to implement a conversational marketing strategy goes through creating a chatbot in all your communication channels. You no longer need to know the basics of programming in order to create a chatbot! With Botgate anyone can create an artificial intelligence-supported chatbot without writing a single line of code. Contact Botgate AI today and start using a conversational marketing strategy!   


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