Companies widely use chatbots developed using AI in customer services and marketing. So what are the effects of customer representatives and chatbots on customers? Why should you prefer chatbots? Which solution is more successful when it comes to improving the sales funnel? In this article, we will be answering all these questions. 

Why Should You Prefer Chatbots?

 Chatbots are software that can function on websites, mobile applications, or social media applications. Using chatbots offers various unmatched advantages that can help your business improve. 

Chatbots can automatically catch and qualify probable sales on your website. If a consumer is looking for more product detail or is looking to get more information on pricing, a chatbot can easily find their information and direct them to the right correspondent. When people know that they can find what they are looking for more easily they are more inclined to start interacting with chatbots. In addition, chatbots are designed to reduce administrative duties. This way representatives can spend more time on answering challenging questions or giving special treatment to customers or potential customers. 

While chatbots come with many advantages for companies there are some disadvantages as well. One of these is that in the beginning chatbots can only give limited answers. Chatting rules determine which messages can be sent as an answer and these can only be created with time. However, in contextual chatting, it does not take too long for them to acquire more depth. The way to protect oneself from this disadvantage goes through being up to date in improving chatbots. 

Why Should You Prefer Sales Representatives?

Sales Rep

Sales representatives are people responsible for the sale of a product or service to a customer. Sales representatives communicate with potential buyers and present the product or service. They answer customer questions and negotiate on the price. Sales representatives are vital in assuring that the users are contributing more to the sales funnel and in answering questions of high level about the products or services of your company. 

Context and emotional intelligence are crucial in conversations that will turn into sales and expressing emotions and the ability to understand are specific to your sales representative. Each sales representative also brings their own unique personality to the field. This helps them build a more personal connection with users, which is quite difficult for a chatbot to achieve. 

While sales representatives have various advantages, there are some disadvantages as well. One of these disadvantages is that; during the customer representative process, a lot of duties can become automated. These duties take away the time that sales representatives can use to make sales through one-on-one interaction with customers. Automation of these duties can assure reaching many more customers rapidly and doing this using manpower is not possible. 

Join the Force With Botgate AI

Chatbots and customer representatives are important elements that help companies in all sales processes. When chatbots and sales representatives are used together, they can create a remarkable user experience that tops the performance and increases sales. Artificial intelligence chatbot developed by Botgate AI helps you serve your customers rapidly and enables your sales representatives to build correct communication with the customer. Get in touch with us to know more and to try out Botgate AI chatbot! 


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