Within the first month of leveraging Botgate AI, Kolektif House reached 30% increase in monthly online leads with Conversational Marketing.

About Kolektif House: 

Kolektif House is a pioneer co-working space in Istanbul with its one of a kind ecosystem. Kolektif believes that "we are stronger together"​, and through this belief provides creative, social, and efficient work spaces for all entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies.

Same web traffic, more qualified leads

Here’s how it all started: Kolektif House wanted a better way to increase lead conversions with the same web traffic that they were already receiving. 

However, the traditional way only leads who filled out a form called back was not the way to go anymore. Besides, just reaching out to ‘’Form-fillers’’ leads consumed all of their sales team's schedule.

They wanted a proactive approach to welcome their visitors, without the visitors navigating unwillingly to a web form to leave their contact information alongside better sales representatives allocation through channels on their end.


Helping them prioritize their leads 

Furthermore, the sales team received leads without knowing whether or not an automated question flow qualified them. This caused off-target conversations with leads on the phone as well as some hindrance in account management, as they didn't know which lead should be assigned to which service-, and location-based account manager.

Qualified leads meant knowing how many employees the client had, what problem the client had worth solving and what service of Kolektif House they were interested in. Helping Kolektif House prioritize their leads via CRM lead scoring of their own was already an exciting step taken with Botgate’s rest API integration ability.

An end-to-end approach to managing leads, and clients was essential

They needed a solution to maximize their client experience, their sales teams revenue, and their account management teams productivity at the same time. Kolektif House wanted to be in charge outside of business hours too. We managed this by creating an AI bot flow with FAQ and Out of Business Hours messagings.

Botgate AI offered the conversational marketing solution, taking into account both pre-sales and post-sales processes of Kolektif House.




Managed More Leads Than They Calculated

Within the first month of Botgate’s Integration on their website, the AI Bot scenarios were loved by the visitors. The conversational marketing engine was configured so it would not disrupt the customer journey but instead accompany the visitors on all pages. As a result of this approach, the AI Bots started contributing to the sales pipeline, increasing sales meetings, hence boosting sales revenue. 

Kolektif House calculated the return on investment of our Conversational Marketing strategy within just one month after onboarding Botgate on our website based on website traffic to our landing pages through paid channels.


”We did benchmark comparisons for online leads conversion rates and then looked at our lead-to-convert metric here at Kolektif House.

That's where we saw the real success. The 30% increase in monthly online leads paved the way to a happier business, both for our clients and our in-house teams.”

— Ece Baltacı, Marketing & Growth Lead at Kolektif House




How Kolektif House Used Botgate’s AI Bots To Engage More Leads in Real-time

Seeing how Conversational Marketing was beloved by the clients, Kolektif House decided to turn their AI Bot into a proactive widget. When visiting any page on Kolektif House website, the AI Bot would trigger after 5 seconds and ask page-related questions in the form of call to action buttons to the visitor. With the flow working in the background, the client was directed to sales funnels that Kolektif House had. As a result of this, Kolektif House saw an increase of 30% of their monthly online leads, resulting in more sales meetings booked by their sales team. 

Used personalisation as a part of online pre-sales method

With Botgate’s Playbook feature, clients were greeted aligned with their gateways to the website. If it was a recurring visitor, the lead information capture was done, the process didn’t duplicate itself, but greeted the visitor with his/her name and different scenarios focused on lead nurturing. 

Upon capture, information such as first and last names, job titles, phone numbers, and the company are automatically populated in Kolektif House CRM.

Once we get a site visitor’s email, we don’t need to ask for it again. If someone comes back to our site a week later, Botgate is able to detect that person as a known visitor the second they land on our site.

The improvement rates didn't stop at monthly lead increase but also showed results in: 

  • Monthly qualified lead increase
  • Conversion rate of web channel leads
  • Time management of teams and work efficiency

This is just the beginning. There are still many ways for Kolektif House to benefit from Botgate, we're eager to keep them scaling with us!


Conversational Marketing is Botgate AI's specialty. 

Interested in finding out more about how Botgate AI can grow your online sales revenue and customer experience as it did for Kolektif House?

If your answer is yes, feel free to book a demo call with our teams today! 


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