A conversion rate increase by 25%, a 70% reduction in customer response time, and 85% of customer inquiries respond rate with Botgate. 

About The Land of Legends: 

The Land of Legends Theme Park, created by Rixos Hotels is an integrated living and amusement park, a point of attraction for those from all over the world who are looking for an experience beyond a holiday, offering spectacularly arranged luxury, living, shopping, and entertainment experiences.


Recovering from Diminished Financial Framework of the Pandemic

Every business took its share of the financial slump during the pandemic. When the overall website traffic of the theme park-hotel experienced a decline due to hard lock-downs, The Land of Legends knew immediately this was the time to take action. They aimed to enrich the customer experience and give the best service to the audience still on the website.

More than 85% of Pre-Sales Conversations handled by Conversational Marketing Strategy, which delivered 25% Conversion Rate Boost

Right after they implemented the Botgate Web Widget onto their web site, the Conversational Marketing scenarios were loved by the visitors. More than 85% of customer inquires on the website were handled by AI Bots backed with Conversational Marketing strategies which resulted in 25% increase in conversion rates. The conversational marketing engine was configured so it would not disrupt the customer journey but instead accompany the visitors on the web site. As The Land of Legends is an attraction point for adventure-seekers all over the world, the Bot was configured in four languages. 

In the meantime, The Land of Legends and Botgate partnership took great care that the average visit duration stayed the same. There was no decrease in customer visit duration as customers kept engaging with the AI Bot, offering them help just like a concierge would do at a top five-star hotel. 

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Enhancing their Customer Experience via New Customer Support Channels

Botgate expanded its service channels, as The Land of Legends became more and more satisfied with the results. Adding another customer experience channel, namely using Conversational Marketing's AI capabilities on Facebook Messenger, the visitors on the Facebook Page DM section just typed a word or two about their questions and were welcomed by relevant quick menus. Artificial Intelligence anticipated what visitors would be searching for, even if there were typos or too little text to identify. 

” A conversion rate increase by 25% and a 70% reduction in customer response time, resulting from automated FAQs with artificial intelligence, led to a happier business, happier customer team, and happier guests as a result.

—Ozan Kanbaş, Director of Digital Marketing at Land of Legends 

One Inbox to Control all Channels - 70% Decrease in Response Time

FAQ automation was the most suitable for The Land of Legends Bot, as they were indeed the most received questions by the visitors. Only in cases, visitors needed further help, they typed ‘live customer chat’ or similar words to this, they were then connected to the hotel’s call center. Since the team was able to answer all the support queries using Botgate Team Inbox, their average response time decreased from 16 hrs to 5 hrs. That is almost a 70% decrease!

  • 25% Increase in Conversion Rate of Website Leads
  • Shrink in Average Customer Response Time
  • Time Management of Call Center Teams

With a noticeable decrease in customer response time, and a high number of assisted conversions increasing conversion rates, The Land of Legends is by far the winner of hotel industry. Their Conversational Marketing system keeps on operating welcoming guests from all over the world. 

Conversational Marketing is Botgate AI's specialty. 

Interested in finding out more about how Botgate AI can grow your online sales revenue and customer experience as it did for The Land of Legends?

If your answer is yes, feel free to book a demo call with our teams today! 


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