Regardless of the sector, customers are the sum and substance of companies. Since new customers are the way to business growth, it is one of the main targets of any company. In addition, attracting potential customers and driving them to a transaction are driving forces for the success of companies. In this article, we will be explaining what lead generation funnel is and how to optimize it for your company.


FunnelWhat is Lead Generation Funnel?

Each individual goes through their own unique process during the purchase of a product or service, nonetheless, all customers follow specific steps that at the end reach your end goal, the transaction. The lead generation funnel shows the journey of customers from the point where they are shared with the information to the point where they obtain the product or service. This structure can be analyzed in three steps:


  • Top of Funnel (TOFU), is solely about raising awareness in the customer. Since this step represents your first interaction with the visitor, your main priority should be building a sense of trust. Educating them at the right time and with relative content will help you be seen as a competent and trustworthy figure.


  • Middle of Funnel (MOFU), is the step where you already understand the need to solve the problems of the customer and start to explore the options. Offering a viable solution or providing something valuable are good ways to push your customers toward transformation.


  • Bottom of Funnel (BOFU), is the step where you can now name customers as leads since they have reached the bottom of the lead generation funnel. In this step customers either make the purchase or consider purchasing. That is why your main focus point must be making a sale. Providing them with case studies, demos, and price comparisons will give them assurance with regards to you being the right choice.

How to Optimize Lead Generation Funnel?

There are many ways to improve your lead generation funnel. A few of these ways are:

Use the Right Tools

It is vital to use the right tools in order to optimize the lead generation funnel. Social media tools and your website are the most important tools. Using these tools, you can reach your customers rapidly and gather information about them. Here, social media and website navigation data are the most important data. In addition, thanks to chatbots which you can integrate with these tools, will help you to obtain strong data over the general opinion of the customer. Making use of these tools will help you optimize your lead generation funnel in the best and most robust way possible.

Protect your Up-To-Dateness

There is always a way to improve your lead generation funnel. Customers are dynamic and thus their demands change according to the necessities of the time. This is why you should always update your lead generation funnel in accordance with the dynamics of time. In order to achieve this up-to-dateness, you must make periodical changes in your lead generation. Try out different methods and carefully observe the reaction of your customers.

Qualify Your Leads

Not all leads are created equal. Qualifying leads and spending your time on the ones who are most likely to purchase is for your benefit. In order to qualify a lead first, you should look into how they interact with you. How do the customers interact with your social media accounts? In which areas did they spend the most time? What kind of questions did they ask through a chatbot? The answers to all these questions will tell you how qualified each lead is.

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