The long wait is over! Drive more sales on Instagram. Provide a top-notch personalised Conversational Marketing Experience via Botgate.

Instagram Conversational Marketing is live on Botgate!

This long-awaited release from Facebook already made millions of B2B and customer brands happy. Conversational Marketing is de facto one of the strongest strategies to utilize for the current and upcoming years. Since more and more brands are leveraging direct, real-time, and personalised communication with their customers, brands who shy away from this new marketing and sales approach will likely end up behind the competition.

You can check out through this blog post how to and get your hands on this new release right away:

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The good news is you can now enhance your brand’s customer experience and close more sales with Botgate AI Messaging on Instagram, where customers love to be the most. Send personalised messages from your brand right to your audience on the most beloved social app!

Proactive Welcoming Ice-Breakers

When customers click on your message button, why not greet them with a selection of mostly asked questions? From the menu, they can select and navigate through the answers, aka. your funnel, or reach to a live agent if they choose so. This way customers will know that your Instagram is a well-monitored account, and their questions will never be left unanswered.

Lead Qualification over Instagram

Has the time come for B2B companies to take their seats on Instagram? Yes, it is about time. Because of the nature of Conversational marketing, it is about the customers in the first place, hence brands should be wherever their customers are: Instagram. 

You can qualify more leads with your ice-breaker flow. Once leads are selecting from the buttons and move along your funnel, their buying intention will be clear for you, or whether they are a suitable customer. For example, while a lead who is a startup owner can be forwarded to your mid-level account management team, another lead who is working for an enterprise can book a meeting with one of your senior account managers. As there are many lead qualification techniques, finding the right one for your company is crucial here. You can always get Botgate’s ideas on how to qualify leads with your Bot flows.

Convert Paid Ads 

Imagine publishing Paid Ads on Instagram, where the ad-clicking audience is landed directly on your Inbox with a proactive greeting scenario. With this playbook functionality, potential customers can quickly show their interest in your brand or product, without even scrolling through your posts. What a relief, both for customers and business owners!

“Today, we are excited to open up the Messenger API for Instagram to all developers who are making it possible for brands to offer messaging experiences on Instagram. ”

- Marion Boiteux, Product Manager, Facebook


Leads Flowing into Your Sales Pipeline

A well-organized business is just another name for a successful business. You don’t want to continuously drag your potential customers’ records from one platform to another when there is your Botgate Platform doing it for you! Once the customer starts responding to your real-time DMs, the record will be populated both on your sales pipeline.

Instagram Blog Pipeline-2

Keep Everything in One Place

Imagine, having all the interactions with your customers on Instagram can now be automated flawlessly! The records are populated on your connected CRM and other systems to measure and optimize customer experience so that they keep coming back for more each time they purchase services or goods from you. 

Automate Repetitive Tasks

Build an internal dropdown menu containing FAQ replies, as an Instagram Business account owner, where you can reply super-quickly, without the burden of copying and pasting the replies. We are sure brands receive many similar messages, so it is easier to group them under 5-6 flows and automate.

Unify your Inbox from Tens of Channels into One: Botgate Inbox

Monitor past conversations and engage with your customers without spending extra time on each platform.

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