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As the years went by, along with the developments in the technology, purchasing habits of the customers changed. Nowadays, customers would like to be more involved in the purchasing process and take the necessary actions correctly and rapidly. Here, the conversational marketing method comes into play. In this article, we will discuss in detail how to make use of conversational marketing in lead generation.  


What is Conversational Marketing? 

Conversational marketing is an effective way of guiding potential customers throughout their purchasing journey, making use of real-time dialogues. Conversational marketing helps you build personal relationships with your potential customers and creates interactive experiences between your brand and leads. 

Conversational marketing happens real-time. It makes use of personal, scalable and a direct feedback cycle. This marketing method aims at helping customers find a solution for their problems in the shortest time possible. In most cases, this marketing method uses online chatting or chatbots. 


How to Use Conversational Marketing in Lead Generation? 

Conversational marketing methods have various features that help strengthen your lead generation strategy. By making use of some features of the conversational marketing methods, you can improve your lead generation strategy, and reach your customers much more rapidly. Below you can find some advantages of conversational marketing: 


1) Improve Your Return Rate

Some leads might shy away from filling out customer forms, subscribing to email lists or following a social media account when looking for methods that will start a communication with your company. However, even those who shy away from these methods can easily communicate with a chatbot. 

On the contrary to static web sites, chatbots have the ability of a conversational opening page to build an interaction with leads. Chatbots can answer many of the questions coming from a potential customer instead of waiting for someone to get in touch or an email with detailed information. In return, you can easily analyze the data of a visitor as long as your conversation is intuitional and sensitive. Using this analysis, you can carry out the necessary improvements and improve your return rate. 


2) Rate Your Leads Better 

Chatbots are the perfect tool to pre-screen your leads and rate them. Chatbots have the ability to rate leads based on the questions that they ask and direct those who have reached a certain score, to a sales representative rapidly. By rating leads, you can identify your potential customers and make sure that your sales representatives are using their time effectively by talking to more qualified leads. 


3) Increase Customer Satisfaction

As we have mentioned previously, chatbots assure that customers receive an answer in real-time by providing them with an answer directly, instead of making them wait for a customer representative. In cases where the question cannot be answered, chatbots can refer visitors to the correct resource. In addition, chatbots can analyze FAQs. Thus, you can train chatbots for such questions and achieve a correct and fast information flow for your customers. 


4) Shorten Sales Cycles 

When leads do not have to fill out a customer form or wait to be subscribed to an email list, their interaction with your brand does not start days later, it starts right at that moment. Warm leads take real-time help to complete their sales. Thanks to chatbots new leads will not have to search for information on products. You will even have the possibilities to reduce disputes, to make cross sales and to upsell making use of data collected from previous similar leads and the number of views of the most frequently bought items.  


Start a Chat Now with Botgate AI

Conversational marketing is not the only lead generation strategy your marketing team needs to apply. Nonetheless, when used with your other strategies it will contribute your efforts to reach more quality leads. At Botgate AI we offer companies a conversational marketing solution that will facilitate the online purchasing processes and will offer a personalized experience to the customers. On our platform that enriches customer experience through conversation, you can create your AI chatbot without writing any codes. Contact Botgate AI today and start using conversational marketing strategy now!



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