Conversational Marketing was designed to cultivate customer trust, speed up the sales process to get your business strong both in the short and long run.

By engaging web visitors through dialogue-driven activities, Conversational Marketing helps to capture and convert leads.

In our first playbook blog piece How Can Your Business Drive More Sales with Botgate Playbooks? We have covered the basics about Botgate Playbooks. We mentioned that Playbooks are fundamental pillars of Conversational Marketing. 

Combined with personalisation, it is the ultimate power tool that any marketer wishes to have. According to the majority of martech research, customers expect real-time dialogues that feel only tailored to them. However, your brand’s website journey is probably designed to cater to many different audiences all at once. 

Data can be harnessed with personalisation, and you can better understand your audience and their preferences. It was a dream for marketers 10 years ago to have control over all of these. The Conversational Marketing playbook makes all of this possible. 

With Botgate’s Playbooks you can interact with more customers and encourage visitors to start chatting. It allows you to show your customers a pop-out message right above the web widget even if they didn't interact with the AI Bot. Like this example below;

Playbooks Types: 

There are many creative scenarios that can put playbooks as core operations for full scale marketing processes. The following are some of the most effective ways to encourage your visitors' interaction and turn them into leads or customers.


Personalised Messaging for Returning Visitors: 

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most fundamental aspect of playbooks is Personalisation.


A welcome-back scenario can achieve the desired personalization effect in a simple way, meaning the AI bot will welcome a visitor with their name if it has captured a customer's first name earlier.  

In another scenario, if the user has previously asked AI Bot to reveal the price of a product, AI Bot can alert the user if the price has dropped by 20%. Visitors tend to purchase when they feel they are treated personally. In turn, you can expect a higher conversion rate.

If you have activated conversational routing, the returning visitor will be automatically matched with the assigned representative for further conversations. Routing is important if you want to use the AI bot in many functions within the company, such as customer support, marketing or pre-sales. 

In a different scenario, if you have a wide range of services that require product advisors or managers, you can divide your reps by product or service topics. Another example would be trying the ABM approach. In case you utilize domain lookup services, you can assign certain domains to relevant reps around the company. This way the potential customers won't feel like asking the same thing over and over and talking to different people each time they visit, causing confusion. 


Increase Conversion Rate of Your Ads: 

Many of us run advertisements across many platforms, but does it bring the ROI it is supposed to? We tell you it is possible to increase ROI of your ads via Ad Converting Playbooks. 

Botgate's Ad Converter Playbook can be triggered by advertising campaigns you are running, so here's how: If a visitor is coming from paid sources, you can pop-out a message like 'Are you here to get 10% off coupon code? Start now!'  This way the copy in your ad will be relevant with what you offer on your website within a matter of seconds. Exactly what site visitors of 2021 who have an attention span of 3 seconds are expecting :) 

Turn Email Leads into Conversions: 

Email is the flagship of any marketer. A team that uses email effectively, backs it up with past data, and optimizes it iteratively knows the value it brings. Often with email marketing, we want readers to engage with the content outside of their inbox as well. 

That’s why we marketers embed landing pages, specific sites, blog articles or even download links as lead magnets into emails. Now, how does this sound- if readers landed on the desired page through the email and were welcomed right away by a related AI bot, going straight to the point! - Awesome, right? An AI Bot flow that is effectively moving visitors down your marketing funnels will be all you need at this point.


Visitors Taking Action on High Intent Pages: 

High-intent pages are often visited by customers before they take conversion-triggering actions. Simply put, you can analyze web metrics to learn which actions are most consistently resulting in conversions. 

For example, maybe users who visit your pricing page, are requesting an offer or those who visit product details pages are consistently requesting a demo a couple of days later. Now it’s time to take action. Place an AI bot only tailored to those pages, and tailor the bot flow according to customer experience. Price offers or product demo scheduling can be done within AI bot on those pages, why wait days later, right? 

Promote Your Content: 

Content is and always will be the king in B2B. B2B buying journey is a long one, hence nurturing visitors while they’re at your site is crucial. You want visitors to take actions like downloading your ebooks, subscribing to your blog or newsletter, joining your webinars etc. Create another channel to distribute your content with AI bots. You can simply offer another blog post, when someone reads about a related topic. Imagine doubling your marketing generated leads within a month! 

Display Feature for Smoother Experience and Conversions: 

If you work in marketing, you’re probably tired of hearing about user experience by now, but it is vital for and effective customer journey around the site. By taking care of this, you ensure your bots are not randomly or incorrectly triggered. Constant pop-ups, irritating questions, or incorrect answers will reduce trust in your company and could end up costing you leads and revenue. Each bot flow must be seamlessly designed to ensure your clients enjoy as smooth a purchase journey as possible. 

To get more insight about this topic, you can revisit our blog post: How to Write Bot Conversations Your Clients Will Love

Usage of playbooks are various, and it is up to your metrics, KPI’s and creativity how to harness the Conversational Marketing experience the right way. If you are keen to launch an AI Bot on your site but are unsure where to start, look no further than Botgate AI.

We help businesses interact more effectively with potential clients using a cloud-based marketing, sales and messaging platform. To start generating leads and accelerating your sales cycle, do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of our friendly team today!


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