Cold calling and e-mail marketing methods don't work well anymore. Companies have therefore become more proactive about generating leads. With conversation marketing, a customer can directly interact with a business on their website. So, what does conversation marketing do? Why do companies need it?

What is conversational marketing?

E-companies use conversational marketing to engage in real-time conversations with current and potential customers. This usually takes place in a digital environment such as a website, mobile app, or social media page. Conversational marketing is implemented through either live or automated chats.


In live chats, agents communicate with customers in real-time using chat software. In automatic chats, on the other hand, real-time communication is established with customers via chatbot applications providing automatic, real-time conversations developed with AI. In this method, predetermined answers are given according to customer questions, and necessary guidance is provided. As a result, automated chats allow for faster, automated customer support implementation with little investment. Regardless of size, any business can implement a conventional marketing strategy with automated chats. 

Why Does Your Business Need a Conversational Marketing Strategy?


Today, businesses use chatbots on their websites or mobile apps. Businesses can program chatbots to support their customers without needing manual intervention. Thus, even with a small team, busınesses can offer a more enjoyable, personalized experience to their existing and potential customer base at scale. 

Conversational marketing allows potential customers to find the information they are looking for, and quickly. This accelerates business sales lifecycle stages, helping to convert potential customers faster. Moreover, conversational marketing allows companies to get information about customers they didn't have before. Instead of presenting web visitors with an unfriendly and unwelcome form, companies can greet them on a fit-for-purpose web page that provides them with a warmer, more fun way to convert.


Accelerate Your Sales Cycle with Botgate AI!

Any business that wants to improve its customer service and increase sales should employ conversational marketing as a key customer engagement strategy. Botgate AI offers companies a conversational marketing solution to accelerate their online purchasing processes and provide a personalized customer experience. Our platform enriches customer experience through conversation. You can create your AI bot instantly, without any coding. on Botgate AI's website. So contact us today and start using a conversational marketing strategy right away!


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