Marketing Automation

All companies aim for higher income and faster growth with lower costs. In order to achieve this, they try new improvements and conversions in their companies. One of these conversions, marketing automation provides a great contribution to the marketing processes of companies. At first marketing automation tools were used for big-scale businesses, today they became more common and scalable for small and mid-scale businesses as well. And this proves that marketing automation processes became a must for all companies today. So, what is marketing automation? What kind of benefits does it provide?


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation defines transforming monotone marketing studies into an automation system using software systems. Marketing departments can automate repetitive tasks such as e-mail marketing, social media posts, and even ad campaigns not just for efficiency but at the same time to provide a more personalized experience for their customers. The technology behind marketing automation allows for these tasks to be completed much faster and much easier.


Marketing automation facilitates a lot of modern marketing applications such as; creating possible sales, segmentation, customer training, and scoring, relationship marketing, cross-sell and upsell, withholding, return of investment (ROI) measurement and calculation-based marketing. According to the 2017-2023 Marketing Automation Technology Forecast of Forrester, marketing automation will be one of the most rapidly growing technologies in the market.

Marketing Automation

What Can Marketing Automation Do for Your Business?

Today many marketing professionals are failing to succeed as desired since they have trouble with problems such as not being able to monitor interaction and tracking unqualified possible sales. At this point marketing automation can help you scale your programs, to offer more personalized and targeted communications, to adapt to sales, and measure efficiency. We can list the things marketing automation can do for your business as follows:


1) Allows Focusing on Strategic Tasks

In a fast digital environment, marketing professionals feel the pressure of doing more with less. They have to generate more leads, increase their revenue, and complete agreements faster. The arrival of other duties right after a program is completed makes focusing on main targets harder. Marketing automation lightens the burden of marketing professionals with automatic tasks. This way marketing professionals are able to focus on more strategic studies.


2) Monitoring User Interactions

Marketing automation helps create marketing processes and conversations on online and offline channels. In addition, it helps you catch, monitor, manage, and score incoming potential customers entering the sales funnel. Marketing automation provides an easier way to deliver the correct content to the correct people on the correct platform they are open to interacting with. You can make use of retargeting and recirculation in order to optimize interaction and connect with the buyer.


3) Qualifying Leads

For marketing professionals, there is no meaning in increasing sales production if there is no possibility to turn leads into sales. Marketing automation helps you better understand your potential customers and buyers. Marketing data and analytics, lead feeding and lead scoring features, all help you personalize each buyer’s journey from the first interaction to sales and beyond.


Ease Your Marketing Processes with Botgate Integration Solutions

As a conversational marketing platform that develops artificial intelligence-supported chatbots, Botgate allows you to communicate with your potential customers faster. In addition, thanks to its ability to integrate into applications such as Google Analytics, SalesForce, and HubSpot it helps you to gather more information about your leads and analyze it. Get in touch with us now to meet conversational marketing strategy with Botgate and how to integrate this strategy into your marketing automation easily.



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