Nowadays, customers are highly influenced by personalized recommendations for sales according to their preferences, and their purchasing habits are shaped accordingly. The research conducted by Accenture suggests that 91% of the customers prefer to purchase from brands that recognize, remember, and offer them relevant proposals and recommendations. We will provide information on personalization and its importance to your business in this blog post.


What is Personalization?

Personalization is the process of providing individually adapted products and content for particular users. Personalization is an advanced solution that offers qualified recommendations regarding your previous habits. An algorithm can operate personalization by collecting the data on habits from different contact points and recommending them to users according to that information. There are various ways of integrating personalization. Contact points have a multitude of personalizable types. The most common platforms for these are websites, emails, and on-site searches.


How Does Personalization Impact Business Sales?

Not all purchase decisions might be rational for a customer. Customer emotions greatly impact the purchase duration from adding the item to the basket to the final sales. Emotions and personal contacts are critical in forming customer relationships. You should benefit from data points on preferences, interests, and behaviors to interact with your customers and improve your profit margin.

Netflix, one of the best examples of the brands delivering personalization concept, quickly appears the related content that the customers might be interested in, without a search necessity of films or series by the user. Viewership of Netflix comes from the personalized recommendations at an 80% rate. The other top example is Amazon, which matches relevant products that customers may need based on their past product visits, making the selling process easier for users, and Amazon improves its sales. Amazon achieves 35% of the sales due to the personalization method it delivers.

Aside from the examples above, McKinsey&Company’s studies reveal that the companies who benefit from personalizations efficiently achieve 10% to 30% more sales thanks to applied customer information. In line with this, we can say that benefiting from personalization methods will positively impact your sales rates. Then, what can you do for personalization as a business?


How Can You Integrate Personalization Into Your Business?

You can implement personalization techniques for your business across your website or mobile apps using various methods. Collecting, analyzing, and effectively using customer data, such as clicks, visits, add to cart, previous purchases, and many other monitoring options help your business create campaigns, content, and overall experiences that comply with your target audience. Customer data is specific to your target audience, but more importantly to users. That makes it impossible for competitors to copy data. Those unique data obtained from your platforms are to your benefit since they transform personalization into a competitive advantage. They also help you stand out from others and communicate with your customers according to their behaviors.


Deliver A Personalized Customer Experience with Botgate AI!

Personalization of your online sales operations has now become indispensable. You can provide suitable personalized recommendations suitable for your target audience using data, such as recommendations based on the cart, previous purchases, and navigation on the website or mobile app. Besides, you can grab your customers’ attention through one-to-one communication channels such as chatbots with proactive and rich content messages. Botgate is a platform that helps you provide personalized experiences. You can integrate the chatbot into your website and social media apps without the necessity of coding knowledge and provide numerous campaigns according to your customers' interests with an accelerated sales process. If you are also looking forward to meeting Botgate, contact us now!



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