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Nowadays people spend most of their time on social media platforms. Businesses can also reach their customers faster with social media applications. With new features being developed on the messaging apps, businesses are able to offer service and sales possibilities to their customers 24/7. In this article we will discuss and analyze the features of Whatsapp Business Account and how to use them appropriately. 

What is a WhatsApp Business Account?

According to a Digital 2022 report, prepared by a joint study carried out by We Are Social and Hootsuite, people use social media for around 2 hours and 27 minutes on a daily basis. Within this scope Whatsapp, one of these most frequently used applications, introduced its Business feature for businesses in 2018. Developed with the purpose of messaging in between customers and business, this application functions on a separate application called Whatsapp Business and is free of charge. Along with its messaging functions, the application offers specially developed features to businesses allowing them to connect with their customers rapidly.


How to Use the WhatsApp Business Account? 

WhatsApp Business Account is designed for companies to provide their customers with the fastest service and the most correct information with great ease. If you actively make use of all 3 features inside the application, you can get a good efficiency from it. The catalog feature, one of the first features of the application, enables you to create product or service catalogs with details on Whatsapp. With the linking feature, which you can provide for each product, you can direct your customers to your sales page without any interruption. Using the catalog feature actively does not only provide your customers with the correct information rapidly, but also increases customer satisfaction. 

WhatsApp Business’s shortcut feature, facilitates the process of customers’ initiating communication with you. With the shortcut feature, you can ensure that your customers initiate a communication with you rapidly either from your website or social media accounts. 

Another strong feature of the Whatsapp Business Account is to be able to carry out a chatbot configuration. Chatbots are vital for businesses and they are extremely helpful when it comes to increasing interaction between businesses and customers. Chatbot feature allows you to show your customers that you are available for communication any given time along with directing customers to related people or pages. WhatsApp allows the use of different chatbot APIs and gives you the opportunity to turn your WhatsApp Business Account into a chatbot that is customized for your business. 


Combine the Force of Chatbot and WhatsApp with Botgate AI 

WhatsApp helps you to create a chatbot with various features, which will allow you to get in touch with your customers anywhere, anytime. If you are wondering what kind of a tool you should use in order to create a chatbot, meet with Botgate AI! Botgate AI is a conversational marketing platform that allows you to create your AI supported chatbot tools to improve your customer experience. Thanks to its Message API feature, you can carry out chatbot configurations for your WhatsApp account or other social media applications. Contact Botgate AI today and start improving your customer experience! 



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